A ground control system that allows remote control of multiple drones and stations in an internet environment.
Flight Path Planning
You can freely designate the flight path, and various commands such as pause and return are possible during flight.
  • PC
    Installation Software
  • Patrol Specialized
    Mission Planner
  • Customized Configuration
    for Continuous Missions
Real-time Video and Camera Control
You can view the live feed of the drone in real-time, and control features such as taking photos/videos and adjusting the camera angle and zoom.
  • Simultaneous Remote Control
    of Multiple Drones and Stations
  • Remote Control
    of Mission Devices
  • Real-time Monitoring
    of Drone Captured Video Footage
It supports various network environments such as LTE/5G, WiFi, Data Link,
and applies communication methods suitable for the user's operating environment,
allowing remote control of multiple drones and stations.
A Companion Board that plays a crucial role in remotely controlling drones, stations, etc.
It is installed as a component of the drone and allows integrated control through argosALES.
Additionally, when attached to drones of other models,
it enables the operation of the respective drone with the Rondo system.