Based on the AQUILA-3F, a more powerful motor and folding arm have been applied to enhance flight and storage/transportation efficiency.
Small drone with outstanding performance in various environments
AQUILA-3F is equipped with waterproof and wind-resistant features,
ensuring stability and long flight times, allowing operation in various environments.
Despite its small size, it can effectively handle multipurpose missions with excellent performance.
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • Wind resistance
  • Waterproof Rating
Designed to provide robust thrust despite low power, enabling extended flight times.
Equipped with dual GPS modules, it provides high-precision location information even without an RTK system.
This means more stable flights, especially in electromagnetic environments such as power transmission towers.
Storage Efficiency
By applying a folding arm, the four motor arms can be folded for efficient storage.
Additionally, the sponge storage case + hard case carrier configuration allows for convenient and efficient movement.
Long flights and dual GPS
With powerful thrust and efficient power consumption, Aquila-3F ensures extended flight times.
It integrates dual GPS modules to receive signals from multiple satellite systems for accurate position determination,
even in electromagnetic environments.
  • Maximum flight time
  • Enhanced Flight Stability with
    Dual GPS Support
The Most Convenient Way for Users, Customization
Because all components, including software, are designed and developed in-house,
customized development is possible to meet specific customer requirements.
The basic equipment includes various cameras, searchlights, and speaker systems
  • for mission equipment attachment
    Maximum 4.2kg
Quick Replacement
Featuring an easy-to-use quick-release system,
supporting a variety of options from FHD to 4K EO/IR cameras, allowing for swift camera replacement.
I/O ports Simple External I/O Ports
External I/O ports are provided to facilitate easy connection of payloads.
Easy Mapping
The RTK and DUAL GPS systems can be used to obtain high precision/accuracy data.
(*Separate mapping equipment required)
Integration with the Station [Optional]
This Diron is compatible with drone stations, enabling autonomous continuous mission flights.
The drone station automatically charges the drone's battery,
allowing it to perform automated, continuous missions. (Excluding station CUNA2)