A drone designed for stable flight in GPS-shaded areas, allowing for effective data
acquisition in tasks such as bridge and viaduct inspections or building exterior inspections.
Flight in GPS-Shaded Areas
Through stereo vision, the drone can determine its position, enabling seamless flight even in GPS-shaded areas.
  • Maximum Flight Time
    55 minutes
  • NO GPS
    Flight in GPS-Shaded Areas
SLAM technology
The drone utilizes SLAM technology through the stereo camera mounted on it to estimate its
positionby recognizing the surrounding environment, even in GPS-denied areas.
With this technology, HUMMER can maintain its position stably and be utilized in various environments
Exclusive Camera Mounting for HUMMER
Equipped with a gimbal camera on the top of the drone, facilitating inspections of exteriors, undersides of viaducts, and more.