Aquila-2+ is a high-performance multi-purpose drone based on the performance of Aquila-2, with support for 5G/AI and other features.
Drone and AI integration
It boasts excellent processing performance and fast response time with the latest Qualcomm RB5 high-performance CPU.
Additionally, AI functions can be implemented within the drone, serving as an AI Edge Device.
This enables processing of device data in milliseconds, executing complex AI and deep learning (DL) workloads
Onboard AI
It processes and analyzes sensor data in real-time to optimize the operation of applications or devices, or to perform specific tasks.
This is primarily done to increase response speed and avoid network delays. Through this, it autonomously analyzes
real-time environmental data and performs tasks such as path planning and obstacle avoidance, enabling smarter behavior
5G Connection
Built-in 5G/LTE supports 5G/LTE Internet wireless communication
  • Capable of communication
  • Long-range
AI Features of the Edge Device
By providing a high-performance CPU based on RB5, various data processing, and ML/AI capabilities are offered.
This enables autonomous AI processing within the drone without dependency on servers, and supports autonomous flight-based 3D-SLAM functionality.