Unmanned Mobility Platform Company


Argosdyne, with members of developers and drone experts with more than 10 years of IT experience, is a challenging company that constantly explores and tests the latest technologies in the field of unmanned vehicles.

We define drones as a robot that performs missions in a three-dimensional space including the sky, rather than a device that simply flies and shoots, and as a mobility system that presents a new alternative in the industrial field.

With the technology accumulated under our own automatic drone operation platform, Argosdyne will further build a mobility platform under which all fields of the unmanned mobile industry including drones are in operation.

Argosdyne, a promising global unmanned mobility platform company, is taking a toward step to build and provide services for all automation platforms applicable to sky, ground and even water.

Rondo Mobility System

Simultaneous flight control of multiple drones

Troubleshooting Algorithm

Support for various environments


  • Startups
  • Certification of Venture Firms
  • Establishment of Argosdyne USA
  • Selection of ‘Data.Network.AI Innovative Company’ by MSIT
  • Selection of ‘Material.Parts.Equipment Startup 60 Company’ by MSS
  • Obtain Good Software Certification for the argosALES(GCS) by TTA
  • Inno-Biz Certification

Government Projects

  • Drone precision landing using smartphone [Gyeonggi-do]
  • Drone Sandbox: social safety using drone system [MOLIT]
  • DIB system supporting heterogeneous drones [MSS]
  • Drone Sandbox (two consecutive years of selection) [MOLIT]
  • Forest monitoring system using drone charging station & A.I. [KFS]
  • Drone surveillance service for redevelopment area [Seocho-gu]